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  • 1st July 2021
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Why Tally ERP Integration

Tally Prime is Business Management software with accounting at core. Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime is a very popular Small and Medium Enterprise accounting software in India.

As and when organization grows and scales their operation, they realize that having generalized and hard to understand accounting software can become headache for daily operations, hence a need for cloud ERP system with much more advanced features are desired but at the same time, organization can not compromise accounting. So, looking at the problem, we at Arihant Ai took challenge to resolve the issue and server our clients in the best way possible by connecting Tally & Arihant ERP depending on organization requirements.


  • More than 60 lakh businesses use Tally ERP in India & outskirts.
  • Accounting Professionals and Chartered Accountants are used to Tally ERP Software for more than a decade.
  • Evolving business requirements, Great UI / UX standards are not matched by Tally ERP.
  • Modern Technology like WhatsApp Automation, Content Development, Marketing Automation, Business AI, Personalized Voice Assistant and much more are not supported by Tally.
  • “One Platform for All Business Needs” – Literally fails in Tally ERP case
  • Performance & Scalability are decade long pain for medium scale organizations.


We can integrate following modules with Arihant ERP & Tally :

  • Sale
  • Purchase
  • Payment (Out Going Payments)
  • Receipt (Incoming Payments)
  • Credit Note (Sale Return Entries)
  • Debit Note (Purchase Return Entries)
  • JV Entries
  • Stock Journal
  • Production Entries
  • Material Issue Entries

For Tally Integration, we develop and customize based on the client requirements.

Integration Capabilities


Ease of Use


Reporting, Management & Agility



We provide seamless Tally Integration with our customized Business ERP solutions. For more information,
Contact us at [email protected]

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